A strong young woman had a persistent dream. After pondering on this dream, and probing it for possibility and for flaws, at length, she learned that to make that dream into reality you must see realising the dream as a journey. She broke her ambition down into many small, achievable milestones, pieces in a puzzle if you like - and then, all that was left was seeing them, one by one, be pieced together along the way. Slowly, and steadilythe picture became clearer and the dream became a possibility.
This is how the Gyre philosophy works too.
We are increasingly aware of the impacts that traditional fashion industry practices have on the environment, however we believe that fashion and a healthy planet can co-exist. It is our responsibility as an emerging brand to be part of a more sustainable present, and future in turn by being a lighthouse in an ocean of fast fashion.
Sustainability it is not a result to achieve, it’s a philosophy that is becoming a reality, a way of thinking and being, a guiding principle to be followed constantly, adapted to and normalised.
We feel the future fashion will be radically different to what we know today. Our aim is to help build that future by pioneering on-demand manufacturing practices, living a commitment to the journey of sustainability and protecting our planet in our sourcing, manufacturing, packaging and day to day operations, and investing in the power of community and personal connection.