Gyre is a body positive brand and we will always showcase our pieces with this is mind. We believe your body hears everything you mind whispers.
We believe in buying less and wearing more, promoting the finest quality handmade and sustainable virtues in our garments.
Gyre also leads by example for a sustainable future in all aspects of our supply chain, striving for a circular economy in our business model.

Available in a choice of colours for the season, our timeless collections are suitable for women of all shapes, sizes, ages and stages. Classic and elegant silhouettes, ultimate comfort and convenience, as well as sustainability and eco-consciousness are key driving focuses for Gyre.
We are truly passionate about creating pieces that will take a special place in your repertoire and last you for years, that is why we spent countless hours in achieving premium quality and perfect fit. We hope that Gyre swimwear will make you feel confident, feminine and empowered.