The Gyre collection is driven by a desire to support women and our environment through considered design. We are here to create beauty - pieces that you love to wear, as we believe so passionately 
that everyone deserves to feel truly embraced by our collections.
In designing for her - The Gyre woman, we cannot forget Mother Earth. We are increasingly aware of the impacts that traditional fashion industry practices have on the environment and believe that it is our responsibility as an emerging brand to be part of a more sustainable future.
As we strive to be the best that we can be, for our community and our planet, we remain focused on these core values.
The Gyre collection is purposefully designed to be timeless. We believe that a big part of creating with sustainability in mind is producing styles with longevity - something that you will hold onto, an investment piece. 
We take inspiration from real women’s bodies rather than trends so that the result is classic and flattering to each woman’s unique curves. In each piece we strive to capture the beauty of femininity, the essence of an authentic woman. Our clothing and swimwear should feel natural to wear so that you are free to be you - comfortable and confident. With attention paid to the details that we know as women, and mothers, require consideration to feel supported, unrestricted and stylish - whether that be the particular thickness of a strap, or perfecting a diversely flattering shape.
We see these pieces as ‘wearable art’, and are proud to partner with local Australian artists to create custom prints that feature throughout the collection. These are digitally printed onto our fabrics, a method we favor as it is considered to be a less chemical and water intensive process than traditional printing methods.
Our pieces are made with the consideration of what will last for future seasons. We like to think as we are creating ‘what will last in our own wardrobes?’. Our materials must meet our requirements of premium quality and sourced from certified origins - everything down to selecting stronger threads, elastics and fastenings.
It is important to us that the fabric selection also considers sustainability, which is why you will find the collection focuses on natural, low impact fibers when it comes to our Women’s Clothing and recycled materials for Swim.
By partnering with suppliers that are adequately accredited we can better guarantee both the quality of our fabrics and traceable processes. We are proud to work with Econyl for our Swimwear (find out more here) which is a fully recycled material provided by the certified Italian manufacturer. 
Our Womenswear range is made from premium silk satin and Eco Tex certified Belgian flax linen, which comes from the flax plant - a preferred fibre that requires little water and fewer chemicals to produce. Linen production has a long history in Europe, and most high quality flax comes from France and Belgium. We carefully select a higher grade linen for it’s soft-touch feel, a fabric that won’t pill, with no slippage and a beautiful density.
Each Gyre piece is made personally with the utmost of care by our local Australian makers. One of the founding values of our brand is to remain as close as possible to the origins of our products.
Coming from a background in fashion sourcing, we are so passionate about educating our customers about the importance of making and shopping local. After witnessing the benefits of this first hand, we believe wholeheartedly in maintaining a connection with our community, investing back into the local economy and sustaining craftsmanship. The most rewarding aspect is knowing that we can work with others to support their livelihoods whilst we grow our business.
We are honored to be supported by the Australian Fashion Council, a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote the growth of the textile and fashion industry. We are grateful that this allows us to further give back to the community through initiatives led by the AFC such as their We Wear Australian campaign initiative in 2020 in support of Thread Together.
As of this year, we are also proud to announce that $1 from each sale is donated to charitable causes with I=Change. Through this partnership we have selected projects that align with these key values to give back to our community in a meaningful way. Best of all this allows you - our customer - to direct your donation to the cause you feel most connected to, and track it’s impact through their transparent platform.