Oceania represents different aspects of our 'Gyre' personality, our passion for classic refined styles, our desire to celebrate Australia's natural beauty and it's creative talent, give hope through artistic expression and deliver a commitment to a sustainable future.
Shot in our fascinating and magnificently beautiful home state of Western Australia, this collection connects us to nature and reminds us about our responsibility to preserve it, for many generations to come.

The EDIT 1 of this collection is a sample of refined styles and classic flowing lines, expressed in our choice of stark black and white, celebrating our values; to be bold and uncompromising in our commitment to the environment and sustainability.

EDIT 2 is a showcase of one of our favourite Australian artists, Prudence De Marchi, using our designs as a canvas for her creativity and talent – celebrating the fragility, simplicity and beauty of our ocean. 

Finally, EDIT 3 is an expression of our time – the Chrysanthemum is associated celebrating life through rebirth, a floral-phoenix emerging from the ashes, in a splash of glorious colour.

I feel very blessed to be able to work amongst talented team of creatives, whose vision, passion and sense of beauty helped to bring this collection to life.

Love, Elena.



Producer & stylist - Coral Carretero
Stylist - Erika Prieto Schou
Photographer - Bianca Tuzee
Video - Hazza Blanka, Jenny Otavina "Golden Hour Creative"
Muah - Michele Allison
Models - Edyll, Ella Carstens

Producer & stylist -Coral Carretero
Photographer - Andrew Ho
Muah - Esther Wong
Model - Jade Richardson (Chadwick models)