Manufacturing in Australia and what does it mean to us

Each and every Gyre swimsuit is proudly handmade in Australia. 

To be honest, it was never even a question for us from the very beginning. The Gyre brand was born from a love for the art of dressmaking together with the desire for shaping a better and brighter future for our loved ones. In 2020, we can no longer pretend to not understand the actual cost of our everyday choices, especially in fashion, on the future this beautiful planet will hold for us, our children and their children. 

We can not change the past, but we can certainly affect the future. For us at Gyre, it is important to make conscious and informed choices, be better than yesterday and with every step we take and every decision we make question ourselves with: "What kind of vote am I making for the future world".

These are just a few crucial benefits of the local manufacturing.

  • To ensure that our products are created to the finest quality standards.
  • To invest back into our local economy.
  • To guarantee the fair treatment of our workers and those of our contractors.
  • To reduce our footprint on the planet.
  • To strengthen the drive for greater onshore manufacturing.

At Gyre every single one of our pieces are made lovingly by hand in our studio and with the assistance of a small, family-owned and run atelier in NSW. The artisan workshop aligns seamlessly with our desire to ensure that our supply chain remains sustainable and ethically-minded. From sewing our garments right through to delivering them to your door, we have taken the time to engage trustworthy, home-grown suppliers from our local communities.

We are proud of our brand values as an Australian, body positive, sustainable and ethically-minded label. As members of the Australian Fashion Council we are committed to our crusade to generate greater awareness and support for our other amazing local businesses.

In April this year we participated in the #wewearaustralian campaign organised by Showroom-X with the support of AFC. The campaign put a spotlight on Australian brands impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic coming together. It saw labels uniting in an effort to rebuild the local fashion community. In addition, the campaign supported the charities, Dress for Success and Thread Together, who are both making a big impact on the everyday lives of fellow Australians, who got affected the most and taking large strides to bring the industry full circle.

Investing back into Australia insures that your money is cycled back into our communities. When you support a local business you are helping to boost the local economy, reduce environmental footprint and making sure that every single person involved into bringing your new swimsuit to life is treated fairly under the strict Australian laws and paid according to a national standard.